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Welcome to the official Syntax Demoparty (Australia) website.

Syntax 2012 is coming! Registrations are open, the weekend of the 17th - 18th of November is the date! Move to the NFO section to place your name down! Come on, whether you like a BBQ, wanna watch some weird stuff on the bigscreen, join the competitions, share tales of old or make new friends, this event has it all!

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Syntax is a computer festival, dedicated solely to the demoscene - a place to present and celebrate realtime animation (called a demo), pre-rendered animation, graphics and music. The word "demoparty" is globally used to describe this gathering of computer coders / musicians / 3D and 2D graphicians all under one roof.

Syntax 2009 / 2010 / 2011 was a huge success and a rocking time for all who rocked up. CBD, Melbourne



In the CBD - slightly to the North maybe. The 2009 venue had a great vibe which was mutually beneficial to us and the operators alike, so we will secure something like that (maybe a gallery space) and have last year's venue as a potential plan b. Of course this is all work in progress, so stay tuned whilst we get this sorted!

Get your Tunes / Demos / Graphics ready. Yes, you could work all night at the party and pull something off, but the more you get done before you arrive the better right? Oh, and prize / cash donations welcome and bring 'em on the day.

It's going to be crazy.

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