Ultimate C64 Scene Mag Archive

The largest collection of C64 disk and paper magazines available. This living archive plays host to almost every magazine released in the C64 scene, it also includes some great bonuses, such as all 107 issues of ZZAP!64.


Domination Magazine Online

An independent magazine I made between 1994 and 2004 now brought to life in a web version by Se7en/Digital Excess and myself - C64 version / HTML and original at your service.


The Recollection Magazine

A magazine focusing on the past scene glory, the unwritten rules, how things worked back then and how it all came to be. 8-bit deluxe. Whether all this is completely new to you, or you heard of it first well over a decade ago, enjoy yourself!


Onslaught (C64 Division) - Homepage of Onslaught

A C64 scene group who work on demos, game cracks and magazines. Onslaught have existed the mid nineties and still release on C64! This page contains their history and current status including releases. Also home of the famous Vandalism News! (circa 1991).


AUSCENE - Homepage of Australasian Scene History

AUSCENE is the gateway to the Australian and New Zealand scene, past, present and future!


Legend - The Will Of God

Unfinished website by Westbam/Legend (rest in peace)



Timanthes - a little information...